Although all of the bottles that Sauce Water uses are 100% recyclable and BPA free, companies are increasingly interested in products manufactured from fully recycled plastic.

Traditionally, while it is possible, the plastic can become slightly cloudy. Glazosmith Klein, who produce the Ribena and Lucozade bottles using recycled plastic, cover the bottle with a shrink wrapped sleeve to hide the unwanted cloudy effect on recycled materials plastic bottles.

The good news is that using new state of the art technology Sauce is now able to offer spring water bottles which are made with 50% recycled plastic – that are 100% clear, and still 100% recyclable too.

If you are interested in these bottles please let your Sauce Rep know.

We don’t want to stop here though – we will continue working on new innovations until we can offer a clear bottle made from pure recycled PET. Watch this space.

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