Over the past 5 years custom branded water consumption has increased by 52% (Mintel 2014). Hotels, Restaurants and cafes are moving towards custom label water as it gives them a chance to engage with their customers – market their brand and increase their exposure.
Branded bottles are often taken out of hotel rooms, cafés or exhibition stands and your branding remains with your customers.
The average bottle of water take 50 minutes to drink (Mintel 2013) so your brand can be in your customers’ hands for nearly an hour – increasing exposure and standing out.
On average our customers have reported a 15% rise in sales of custom branded water compared to standard water – as consumers chose to interactive with your brand. Contact us for details and a full report.


Our water is bottled in our state of the art factory and is tested daily.

We offer both still and a carbonated water (which can be made to your exact requirements).

Our water and factory is fully approved by UK and EEC governmental standards.

Our water is supplied fresh with a minimum of 18 months shelf life.

The pH Value of the water is typically 7.8.

A detailed breakdown of the water content carried out by an independent laboratory is available on request to all customers.


  • Sauce are a reliable supplier who always deliver on time and offer a great range of products
    Dora Crowne Plaze
  • A great product that really brought to life our brand proposition!
    Pippa Three Mobile
  • Sauce provide a high quality for both our Audi and Porsche dealerships. They offer a high level of service, at a good price, and always deliver on time or early
    Joanne Fisco Facilities
  • We regularly use Sauce's products at our weddings and events. It is a great way to further promote our services. Sauce are always reliable.
    Navin Preeti Catering
  • Sauce made working with them very easy as they really go the extra mile to ensure you are happy... which really helps in selling in an idea to a brand such as BA.
    Jules Zenith Optimedia
  • Everyone at HTC and The Lounge thought the bottles of water did a great job in getting people to the arena.
    Dave The Lounge
  • Sauce have once again proven they can provide a product that fits perfectly with our strategy.
    Susan Mindshare
  • Every time we have used Sauce we have been provided with a great and friendly service. Source connections are very accommodating to our needs and requests. Prices are always competitive.
    Amber Mamas & Papas

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